Set 49 – Five New Words For Feb 18

Theme: Verbs

1. subsume

verb tr.: To include or incorporate under a more comprehensive category.

“David Cameron’s dream is an authentically British dream — of a multiethnic United Kingdom, close to but not subsumed by Europe, allied with but not subservient to the United States.”

2. discomfit

verb tr.:
1. To confuse or embarrass.
2. To thwart the plans of.

“Berlusconi accuses politically motivated prosecutors of leaking details of investigations to discomfit him.”

3. begrudge

verb tr.:
1. To envy or resent someone’s good fortune.
2. To be reluctant to give.

“We do not begrudge Bill Gates or Warren Buffett their billions.”
“We’d always been an exclusive pair, she never begrudging me with her secrets.”

4. avulse (uh-VUHLS)

verb tr.: To pull off or tear away.

“The dog caught his paw in the grates and lacerated his paws and avulsed his nails.”

“[The Hoh River] chews, it gnaws and jumps around, avulsing in a tantrum of energy to new channels, taking anything in its way right along with it.”

5. machinate (MAK-uh-nayt, MASH-)

verb tr., intr.: To plot or scheme.

“Most storylines in The Bold and the Beautiful revolve around characters who manipulate and machinate for love and money.”


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