Set 45 – Five New Words for Feb 14

Theme: Homonyms

A homonym is a word that has the same spelling and pronunciation as another word, but a different meaning.

1. quiff

1. A tuft of hair brushed up above the forehead.
2. A woman considered as promiscuous.

“Posters of the intrepid boy reporter with the quiff and funny pants plastered the city.”
“A certain party got the quiff pregnant.”

2.  gird (guhrd)

verb tr.:
1. To encircle or bind with a belt or band.
2. To surround.
3. To prepare for action (especially as “to gird one’s loins”).

verb tr., intr.: 4. To jeer.
noun: 5. A sarcastic remark.

“Metallic rings girded the weapon’s shaft.”

“Both sides have been unwilling to compromise, and their supporters appear to be girding for more violence by forming militias and armed gangs.”

“Falstaff: Men of all sorts take a pride to gird at me: the brain of this foolish-compounded clay, man, is not able to invent any thing that tends to laughter.”

3.  mew (myoo)

1. A cage for hawks, especially while molting.
2. A place for retiring or hiding.
3. In the UK, as mews, stables with living quarters. Also, a row of apartments converted from stables.

verb tr.: 4 To confine.
verb intr.: 5. To molt.

6. The high-pitched sound of a cat.
7. The characteristic sound of a gull.
8. A seagull (Larus canus).

“They set him free the last day of October, after he had been mewed up for a month.”

“Up above two falcons were mewing against the brilliant blue of the sky.”

4. feral (FEER-uhl, FAYR-)

1. Wild or untamed.
2. Having reverted from domestication to the wild state.
3. Ferocious.
4. Deadly.
5. Relating to the dead; gloomy.

“The infamous beer-guzzling feral pig who died two months ago could get a plaque at a West Australian rest stop commemorating his unusual life.”

“Coffin wondered if the coyotes were congregating in the cemetery, waiting for full dark to sing their feral song.”

5. bole bohl

noun:    1. The trunk of a tree.
2. Any of various kinds of soft fine clays typically of a reddish color.
3. A reddish brown color.

“In the midst of each room and hall, a living tree grows and holds up the roof, and its bole is hung with trophies and with antlers.”

“Rub off some gold to let the red bole show through.”


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