Set 44 – Five New Words for Feb 13

Theme: Words to describe people

1. tractable

adjective: Easily handled, managed, or controlled.

“‘I don’t want to go there,’ said Sharina, who was normally such a tractable child.”

2. bombastic

adjective: Pompous or pretentious (in speech or writing).

“Mr. Satya Nadella is a leader with a low-key style that differs from Mr. Ballmer’s bombastic manner.”

3. impecunious

adjective: Having little or no money.

“The children have no mother, and their father is impecunious, so they have embarked on a series of adventurous money-making schemes.”
“Discounts for the clever or impecunious greatly reduce the sticker price at many universities.”

4. petulant (PECH-uh-lent)

adjective: Bad-tempered; cranky.

“Idol, like the petulant child who can’t understand that her antics have ceased to be entertaining, kept trying to sell it.”

5. incorrigible

adjective: Incapable of being corrected or reformed.

“I’m an incorrigible scavenger. I’ve been known to climb into dump trucks because I’ve seen an interesting table leg sticking out of the rubbish. I’ve furnished whole apartments from things I’ve found on the street.”


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