Set 42 – Five New Words for Feb 11

Theme: Words formed in error

1. belfry  (BEL-free)

1. A bell tower; also the part of a tower where a bell is hung.
2. Head. Usually in the phrase to have bats in the belfry, meaning to be crazy.

2. ambage (AM-bij)

noun: Ambiguity; circumlocution (= the use of many words where fewer would do, especially in a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive. ).

“This increase in ambage measures increased arbitrariness.”

Type of:
verboseness, verbosity
an expressive style that uses excessive or empty words

3. arrant (AR-uhnt)

adjective: Complete; thorough.

“Norman Macrae also dismissed the Club of Rome’s prediction that the world was about to run out of food as arrant nonsense.”

4. sashay

verb intr.:
1. To move, walk, or glide along nonchalantly.
2. To strut or move in a showy manner.

“Tyler switched to 6th Street, the car swaying and sashaying through the leafy old homes of Hancock Park.”

5. viperine (VY-puhr-in, -puh-ryn)

adjective: Of or relating to a viper; venomous; malicious.

“The musical taught a generation of viperine office politicians how to stick a shiv into their bosses without leaving any fingerprints on the handle.”


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