Set 40 – Five New Words for Feb 9

Theme – card games

1. euchre (YOO-kuhr)

verb tr.: To cheat, trick, or outwit.
noun: A card game for two to four players usually played with the 32 highest cards in the pack.

“You got euchred. The company lied to you about its status and you foolishly bought its lie.”

2. vole (vohl)

noun:    1. Any of various rodents of the genus Microtus and related genera.
2. The winning of all the tricks in some card games.
verb intr.:    3. To risk everything in the hope of great rewards. Typically used in the phrase “go the vole”.
4. To try every possibility.

“So, as I was determined to go the vole, I have taken care you shall dip as deep as I.”

3. house of cards

noun: Something insecure or insubstantial that is subject to imminent collapse.

“‘We have to find a new balance,’ the pope said. ‘Otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards.'”

4. spoof

noun:    1. A light, good-humored imitation; parody.
2. A hoax or a prank.
verb tr.:    1. To satirize gently.
2. To fool using a hoax or a prank.

“Some hilarious videos doing the rounds on the Internet show people pretending to take photos with invisible iPhones and hold conversations on them. These spoofs are meant to poke fun at Apple and its legion of fans.”

5. trump card

noun:    1. In card games, a suit chosen to rank above the others.
2. Something that gives an overriding, decisive advantage.

“How big a factor might home advantage be for Kilkenny? Potentially, it could be their trump card.”


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