Set 39 – Five New Words For Feb 8

Miscellaneous words

1. acuity

noun: Sharpness; keenness.
“Birds seek out their own food and build nests for their eggs, some have the mental acuity to know of approaching storms and they may huddle together for warmth when it is cold.”

2. desuetude (DES-wi-tood, -tyood)
noun: A state of disuse.
“Far from being a high-tech wonder, the Earth Station had a sad, neglected air about it, a feeling of desuetude and abandonment.”

3. turgid

1. Swollen; congested.
2. Pompous; high-flown.

“It’s not surprising that [Norm Macdonald] would take the wind out of the sails of peers who write turgid, self-important autobiographies … he has earned attention for his deflating Twitter responses to various celebrity tweets.”

4. sciolism (SY-uh-liz-uhm)

noun: Pretentious display of superficial knowledge.

“This consists of some of the dullest sciolism in the history of prose, a standardized academic jargon and rhetoric, the dutiful rehearsal of received theory, and the deliberate misrepresentation of anything challenging or rejecting academic postmodernism.”

5. edacity (i-DAS-i-tee)

noun: Greediness; good appetite.

“Allender is still undaunted, but hungry, not with the reckless experience appetite of a kid, but rather with the edacity of an older gourmand who wants as much of what he loves as possible.”


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