Set 38 – Five New Words For Feb 7

Theme 20-letter words

1. polyphiloprogenitive (pol-ee-fi-luh-pro-JEN-uh-tiv)

adjective: Extremely prolific.*

“Polyphiloprogenitive Joe Fallon, the needy, breedy father of seventeen, or was it nineteen? I was never sure, any more than Joe himself.”

“All spring and summer my parents ricochet from garden to garden, mulching, watering, pulling up the polyphiloprogenitive weeds, ‘until’, my mother says, ‘I’m bent over like a coat hanger.'”

*prolific – adjective
1.(of a plant, animal, or person) producing much fruit or foliage or many offspring.
2. present in large numbers or quantities; plentiful.

2. Little Lord Fauntleroy (lit-l lord FONT-luh-roi)

noun: An innocent child; also a very polite and well-dressed child.

“As for you in the back, Little Lord Fauntleroy, get used to it, to the real world. And maybe tell them Daddy’ll be coming in the Dacia tomorrow.”

3. anthropomorphization (an-thruh-puh-mor-fy-ZAY-shuhn)

noun: Attribution of human qualities to things not human.

“But for the most part she simply relished the anthropomorphization. That the word pencil was masculine lent each pencil a boyish mischievousness. That flower was feminine endowed flowers with a maternal dignity.”

4. silk-stocking district (SILK-STOK-ing dis-trikt)

noun: A part of a city inhabited by the rich and powerful.

“In New York years ago, cops in the silk-stocking district of the Upper East Side knew how to tie a bow tie for a young man without the experience to do it himself.”

5. secret of Polichinelle (SEE-krit uv po-LISH-i-nel)

noun: A supposed secret that’s widely known: an open secret.

“The tsar waited until after the memorial services on the fortieth day after the empress’s death … and announced that he had decided to marry Katya. The games between the tsar and the minister, the secret of Polichinelle, were over.”

“How often has she taunted me with lack of dignified reserve and needful caution! How many times has she saucily insinuated that all my affairs are the secret of Polichinelle!”



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