Set 35 – Five New Words For Feb 4

Theme – There’s a word for it

1. escutcheon (i-SKUCH-uhn)

1. An ornamental or protective plate surrounding a keyhole, light switch, door handle, etc.
2. Used in the phrase: blot on one’s escutcheon (a stain on one’s reputation).
3. A shield or shield-shaped surface bearing a coat of arms.
“Georgina drew the bolts on the front door and turned the large key in its handsome escutcheon.”

“I’ve never been arrested. I did get a parking ticket last week, but that’s about the only blot on my escutcheon.”

2. crural (KROOR-uhl)

adjective: Relating to the leg.

“She could tell by his occasional grimace that her massage of his crural muscle above the patella on his right knee still caused him discomfort.”

3. acedia (uh-SEE-dee-uh)

noun: Apathy; boredom; sloth.

“Acedia plagues the novice much more than the experienced solitary; unlike some of the new guards, I do not suffer from boredom or listlessness.”

4. decant (di-KANT)

verb tr.:
1. To pour, especially in a manner that the sediment is left behind.
2. To rehouse people while their buildings are being rebuilt or refurbished.

“Once a customer makes a purchase, she decants the oil into dark glass bottles.”

“The council say decanting Muirfield pupils to the huts will speed up construction.”

5. quinary (KWY-nuh-ree)

1. Relating to five.
2. Fifth in a series.
3. Having five things or arranged in five.

“Her eyelids were painted in a quinary array — pearl, gunmetal, pink, midnight blue, and plum.”


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