Set 32 – Five New Words For Feb 1

Theme: Miscellaneous words

1. Tenable

adjective: Capable of being held or defended.

“Pretending that countries can somehow ‘go it alone’ is no longer tenable: we trade with each other, we invest in each other, and we employ each other’s workers.”

2. Casuistry (KAZ-oo-i-stree)

noun: Deceptive or excessively subtle reasoning, especially on moral issues. Casuistry is argumentation that is suspect and sneaky. Politicians, lawyers, and car salesmen who make dubious arguments full of holes are guilty of casuistry.

“We were once a brutally honest people, but we’ve become too much given to casuistry.”

3. discrepant

adjective: Marked by disagreement, incompatibility, or inconsistency. Inconsistent.

“Giselle can famously feel like a ballet of discrepant halves. Each of its acts demands an entirely different style.”

4. consuetudinary (kon-swi-TOOD-n-er-ee, -TYOOD-)

adjective: Customary.

“Soon she’ll welcome me with a bear hug, her sweet smile, and her consuetudinary greeting: My princess!”

5. unavailing (uhn-uh-VAY-ling)

adjective: Futile.

“President Obama made the Palestine/Israel issue one of his foremost priorities when he assumed office, but all international efforts have been unavailing.”


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