Set 31 – Five New Words For Jan 31

Theme: Words with allusions to geometrical shapes

1. triangulate

verb tr.:
1. To position between two extremes, for example, in politics to appeal to both left and right wings.
2. a. To make triangular.
b. To divide an area into triangles.
c. To determine a location by measuring angles to it from known points.
Composed of or marked with triangles.

“The only safe path was to triangulate, to split the difference between traditional liberal stances and those of free market economists.”

“Nicholas Krushenick triangulated an eccentric sweet spot of his own in the field of painting.”

2. foursquare

1. Firm; unyielding.
2. Frank; forthright.
3. Square in shape.
In a firm or forthright manner.

“China does have one strength that this country lacks: a leadership foursquare behind modern science while America’s carbon cavemen question the need for green energy.”

3.  trapeze

noun: An apparatus consisting of a short horizontal bar suspended by two ropes, used in gymnastics and acrobatics.

“In my last year at the university, I felt like I had finally mastered walking the trapeze of my life, work, and academics.”

“The Prime Minister and his advisers were hanging themselves in a trapeze of stale and false intelligence.”

4. vicious circle

noun: A situation in which a problem causes other problems, which in turn make the original problem worse.
A vicious circle can also be a situation where an effort to solve a problem gives rise to the conditions which aggravate the original problem.
Also known as a vicious cycle. The opposite is a virtuous circle.

“‘It’s a vicious circle: no R&D investment, no drugs, no revenue, no R&D investment,’ Mardi Dier said.”

5. orthogonal

1. At right angles.
2. Unrelated or independent of each other.

“I’ve always liked the idea of belonging to a union, but then again they always seemed orthogonal to what I was actually doing with my life.”


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