Set 30 – Five New Words for Jan 30

Theme: Metallic metaphors

1.  copperplate

noun: A fine style of handwriting marked by flowing shapes and strokes of varying width.

“Harriet opened the envelope and pulled out a thick piece of white paper covered in perfect copperplate handwriting.”

2. tin god

1. A pompous, self-important person.
2. A person who regards himself or herself as infallible and tries to dictate standards of behavior or beliefs.

“You’re so used to playing tin god that you can’t imagine anyone standing up to you!”

3. brass ring

noun: A prize or an opportunity for a prize, especially a prestigious one.

“Imogen Cooper is more about the music than about grasping for the brass ring of stardom.”

4. iron curtain

noun: An impenetrable barrier to communication, marked by censorship, secrecy, and isolation.

“‘Egyptian police ruled the country from behind an iron curtain. They controlled all aspects of life,’ says Mahmoud Qutri who retired as a police brigadier in 2001.”

5. silver lining

noun: A positive aspect in an otherwise gloomy situation.

“For critics of the cost, there is a silver lining to Abbott’s proposal.”


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