Set 28 – Five New Words for Jan 28

Theme: Contranyms

1. enjoin

verb tr.:
1. To order or prescribe a course of action.
2. To forbid or restrain.

“Ajanlekoko enjoined the members of the Building Collapse Prevention Guild (BCPG) to continue the struggle.”

“It asks a court to declare the ordinance invalid and enjoin the city from enforcing it.”

2. liege

1. A feudal lord.
2. A vassal or subject.

1. Pertaining to the relationship between a feudal vassal and lord.
2. Loyal; faithful.

“I am not worthy to buckle your shoe, my liege. Please would you spit on me?”

“AT&T is demanding that repair crews from the regional Bell telephone companies place Velcro patches bearing the AT&T emblem on their uniforms. ‘We told them, “We are not your liege,”‘ recalled Thomas Hester, the general counsel of the Ameritech Corporation.”

3. nickel-and-dime or nickel and dime

verb tr.:
1. To drain gradually: for example, by many charges for small amounts.
2. To accumulate gradually.

adjective: Inexpensive or unimportant.

“Both airlines still offer free snacks and drinks. ‘We don’t like to nickel and dime our customers,’ says Chris Mainz, a spokesman for Southwest.”

“Luke literally nickel and dimed his way to 12 grand.”

4. prodigious

1. Remarkable in size, quantity, strength, etc.
2. Marvelous.
3. Abnormal; monstrous.

“Kurtley Beale just cannot wait to display his prodigious talents at his first World Cup.”

“The rodents have prodigious appetites and ability to multiply.”

5. cull

verb tr.:
1. To select the best.
2. To select inferior items for removing.
3. To reduce the size of a herd.


“Susan Kelly is interested in culling the best ideas from all over the world.”

“Lacklustre performances by New Zealand teams have led to calls to cull one of them.”


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