Set 22 – Five New Words For Jan 22

Theme – Back-formations

1. adulate

verb tr.: To flatter or admire slavishly.

“Media will continue to adulate and fawn before celebrities’ feet, like abject courtiers in an imperial palace.”

2. sere  (seer)

noun: An intermediate stage or a series of stages in the ecological succession of a community. Example: forest, forest destroyed by fire, grass, brush, young trees, mature trees.
adjective: dry; withered.

“The duration of an organism’s presence in a sere depends on its ability to persist, even as the environment is changing.”

3. ablate (a-BLAYT)

verb tr.: To remove by melting, vaporizing, erosion, etc.
verb intr.: To become ablated.

“My anger scoured my insides, burned my love for him out of me, ablated my heart’s interior walls.”

4. esthesia or aesthesia (es-THEES-zhuh)

noun: The capacity for sensation.

“Choo began to experience a dearth of aesthesia.”

5. auscultate (AW-skuhl-tayt)

verb tr. To listen to the sounds made by internal organs (heart, lungs, etc.) to aid in the diagnosis.

“A Chinese official has been jailed for two years for deserting a sick beggar in a neighboring county and causing the man’s death. … In his defence, Chen said he had asked a general practitioner to auscultate him before the man was sent away. The doctor said his heart beat was normal.”


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