Set 18 – Five New Words For Jan 18

Theme – Short words

1. fey

1. Strange; unconventional; otherworldly.
2. Doomed.
3. Able to see the future.

“At times, the book The Patron Saint of Eels seems a little fey; perhaps the made-up miracle makes its moral point a little too easily.”

2. coze or cose

verb intr.: To converse in a friendly manner.
noun: A friendly talk.

“She darted a look to the two women cozing over tea.”

3. fisc

noun: A state treasury; exchequer.

“Houses of worship are free to open schools, but they are expected to pay for them with privately raised funds. None are given access to the public fisc.”

4. cote

noun: A shelter for animals.
verb tr.: To pass by.

“The doves in the cote above flutter, as always, and settle down again.”

“We coted them on the way and hither are they coming to offer you service.”

5. purl

verb intr.: To flow with a rippling motion.
noun: The sound or curling motion made by rippling water.

verb tr., intr: 1. To knit with a reverse stitch. 2. To edge or finish with a lace or embroidery.
noun: 1. The reverse of a knit stitch. 2. A decorative border. 3. Gold or silver wire thread used in embroidery.

“The anger purling in her hadn’t abated a bit.”

“Her mother purls away at a beginner’s scarf.”


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