Set 16 – Five New Words For Jan 16

Theme – Words that have the plural spelled the same but pronounced differently

1. corps (kohr) [ plural corps (kohrz) ]

noun: A group of persons associated in a common organization or engaged in a common activity.

“The diplomatic corps in Cuba on Tuesday paid homage to the outgoing Angolan ambassador.”

2. faux pas (fo PAH) [ plural faux pas (fo PAHZ) ]

noun: A blunder, especially a social mistake.

“[Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, committed] the ultimate classroom faux pas when he addressed [the teacher] Miss Hollender by her first name, Sophie, in front of students.”

3. rendezvous (RAHN-day-voo, -duh-) [ plural rendezvous (RAHN-day-vooz, -duh-) ]

1. A meeting at an agreed time and place.
2. A prearranged meeting place.
3. A popular gathering place: haunt.

“When Zina’s husband falls for the ballerina, the two women connive to trick him, disguising the wife as the potential lover for a rendezvous.”

4. pince-nez  (PANS-nay, PINS-) [ plural pince-nez (-nayz) ]

noun: A pair of eyeglasses held in place by a spring that grips the nose.

“Edward Weston had pince-nez on a cord around his neck and would peer at her through the lenses of the glasses.”

5. precis (pray-SEE, PRAY-see) [ plural precis (pray-SEEZ, PRAY-seez) ]

noun: A concise summary.
verb tr.: To make a concise summary.

“We’d end [the review] with a pithy precis of our thoughts on the novel.”


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