Set 13 – Five New Words For Jan 13

Theme – Slang

1. wiseacre (WYZ-ay-kuhr)

noun: One who obnoxiously pretends to be wise; smart-aleck; wise-guy.

“Mr. Mahoney, the wiseacre dad on NBC’s Frasier, here has the chance to play gruff and sarcastic until late in the play, when a lifetime of artifice crumbles and his guilt and pain are exposed.”

2. naff

1. Very unstylish or unsophisticated.
2. Useless; of poor quality.

“The entire point of the original mod movement was to reject the naff rocker look.”

3. suss

verb tr.: To inspect, investigate, or to figure out.

“Within moments a swarm of small drones could arrive on the scene, to suss it [the location of the gunshot] out for the cops.”

4. lulu

noun: A remarkable person, idea, or thing.

“I told my students about an incident from my boyhood, my first-ever interaction with a fungus, and it was a lulu.”

5. jazz

1. A style of music characterized by improvisation.
2. Etcetera (in the phrase: and all that jazz).
3. Nonsense.

verb tr.:
1. To enliven (in the phrase: to jazz up).
2. To exaggerate or lie.

“They had energy and passion and all that jazz.”
Many Phases Later; The Irish Times (Dublin); Dec 10, 2011.

“Don’t give me any of that jazz about hope or nonsense about righteousness.”
Bob Dylan; Chronicles: Volume 1; Simon & Schuster; 2004.

“With so much stress at work, what can we do to jazz up our mood.”
Misha Paul; Jazz Up Your Work Station; The Times of India (New Delhi); Aug 8, 2011.


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