Set 11 – Five New Words For Jan 11

Theme- Words to describe people

1. voluble

adjective: Speaking incessantly or fluently.

“As Mr Barroso, a voluble sort, talked about strong transatlantic relationships and the like, Mr Obama gazed stony-faced at his shoes.”

2. intransigent

adjective: Unwilling to compromise, especially from an extreme position.
noun: One who refuses to compromise.

“Both remain intransigent in their respective positions without any real effort to negotiate in a democratic spirit.”

3. potentate (POH-ten-tayt)

noun: One having great power, especially an autocratic person.

“The company has always been good at finding oil, whether by discovering new fields deep beneath the ocean floor or by schmoozing potentates such as Libya’s Colonel Muammar Qaddafi.”

4. sophist

noun: One who makes clever, but unsound arguments.

From Latin sophista, from Greek sophistes (sage), from sophos (clever). Earliest documented use: 1542. In ancient Greece, Sophists were philosophers and teachers known for their subtle, but fallacious reasoning.

“But this day Mansoor had turned five, and Ma used a sophist’s argument to call for a celebration.”

5. solicitous (suh-LIS-i-tuhs)

1. Full of concern.
2. Eager.
3. Meticulous.

“The staff is solicitous of its core customer; efficient with others.”
Alexandra Jacobs; Dennis Basso’s New Shop; The New York Times; Dec 12, 2013.


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