Set 8 – Five New Words for Jan 8

1. incommodious (in-kuh-MOH-dee-uhs)

adjective: Inconvenient or uncomfortable.

“An incommodious little wooden house is where this deaf teacher lived.”

2. mendacity (men-DAS-i-tee)

1. The quality of being untruthful: a tendency to lie.
2. A lie.

“The story of the founding of the Mormon church in Ohio in 1830 and its unlikely trek from there to Missouri to Illinois to Salt Lake City is one of the great adventures of the nineteenth century. It is an enthralling journey rich with acts of bravery, frailty, strength, violence, and mendacity, the most hideous being the Mountain Meadows Massacre.”

3. marmoreal (mahr-MOHR-ee-uhl)

adjective: Resembling marble or a marble statue, for example, in smoothness, whiteness, hardness, coldness, or aloofness.

“Bernhard Schlink’s intelligent book [The Reader] has been frozen in marmoreal stillness.”

4. tenuous (TEN-yoo-uhs)

adjective: Very weak; unsubstantiated; thin.

“[Arizona governor Jan] Brewer’s grasp of facts is tenuous: she told The Arizona Republic in 2010 that her father died fighting the Nazis in Germany, when he died a decade after the end of the war.”

5. hiemal (HY-uh-muhl)

adjective: Of or relating to winter.

“Painted turtles tend to move into deeper water during the autumnal season, and dormancy occurs during the hiemal period.”


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