Set 7 – Five New Words For Jan 7

1. crepitate (KREP-i-tayt)

verb intr.: To make a crackling or popping sound.

“John Grisham’s sentences thud and crepitate all over the page, and he has become a literary tycoon.”

2. ramify

verb tr., intr.: To divide into branches.

“Andrew offered to read me a handful of passages from the manuscript … which had ramified so uncontrollably that it was turning into several distinct projects.”
Nicolas Rothwell; The Red Highway; Black Inc.; 2009.

3. ameliorate (a-MEL-yuh-rayt, uh-MEE-lee-)

verb tr., intr.: To make or grow better; to improve.

“An offhand allusion to luggage problems and the presentation of his ‘platinum preferred’ credit card had seemed to ameliorate most of the doubts about his desirability as a guest.”

4. adhibit

verb tr.:
1. To let in; admit.
2. To administer.
3. To affix or attach.

“Morgiana asked the druggist for more medicine and essences such as are adhibited to the sick when at death’s door.”

5. decorticate (dee-KOR-ti-kayt)

verb tr.: To remove the outer layer, such as the bark, husk, rind, etc.

“The idea, the sensation, the moment of intuition are decorticated and communicated with intimacy and lucidity.”
Marguerite Dorian; Demon in Brackets; World Literature Today; Jun 1995.


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