Set 10 – Five New Words For Jan 10

Theme Whose what?

1. crow’s feet

noun: Wrinkles in the skin around the outer corners of the eyes.

“He stares at himself in the mirror, the curls now grey, the crow’s feet deepening like grooves worked into wood.”

2. god’s penny (godz PEN-ee)

noun: Earnest money: a small sum given to show commitment and to bind a contract in a purchase, with the remaining amount due later.

“The exchange of God’s penny was the common seal of a deal.”

3. fool’s paradise

noun: A state of happiness based on false hopes.

“She’d been living in a fool’s paradise, hoping for his heart, for his ardor at least.”
Diana Palmer; Noelle; Ivy Books; 1995.

4. winner’s circle

noun: A select group of winners or those considered worthy.

“I’m not sure being Peter’s fifth fiancée will put you in the winner’s circle.”

5. writer’s block

noun: A usually temporary psychological inhibition preventing one from proceeding with a piece of writing.

This writer’s block is terrible. I don’t know how to get the story to flow again.”



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