Set 5 – Five New Words For Jan 5

1. inveigh

verb intr.: To complain or protest with great hostility.

“The rabbi inveighed against anyone possessing the popular smartphone. ‘A religious person who owns this impure device is an abomination and a disgusting, vile villain,’ he said.”

2. apostle

noun: A strong supporter or pioneer of a policy, cause, or belief.

“Romney is the frontman and apostle of an economic revolution, in which transactions are manufactured instead of products, wealth is generated without accompanying prosperity, and Cayman Islands partnerships are lovingly erected and nurtured while American communities fall apart.”

3. mense

noun: Propriety, decorum.
verb tr.: To adorn, grace.

“Auld Vandal! ye but show your little mense,
Just much about it wi’ your scanty sense:
Will your poor, narrow foot-path of a street,
Where twa wheel-barrows tremble when they meet.”

4. bunbury

noun: An imaginary person whose name is used as an excuse to some purpose, especially to visit a place.
verb intr.: To use the name of a fictitious person as an excuse.

From Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest where the character Algernon invents an imaginary person named Bunbury as an alibi to escape from relatives. He explains to his friend, “I have invented an invaluable permanent invalid called Bunbury, in order that I may be able to go down into the country whenever I choose. Bunbury is perfectly invaluable. If it wasn’t for Bunbury’s extraordinary bad health, for instance, I wouldn’t be able to dine with you at Willis’s to-night.”

“There are birds who bunbury. One of them is the blackbird.”

5. feint

noun: A deceptive move, especially in fencing or boxing.
verb: To make a deceptive movement.

“Journalists could argue they use appellations as a sign of respect, but I think it’s a feint — a touch of obsequiousness before sticking in the shiv.”


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