Set 4 – Five New Words For Jan 4

1. repletion

noun: The condition of being completely filled or satisfied.

“Her body tingled with repletion and yet she was somehow unsatisfied.”

2. ponderous

1. Having great weight.
2. Awkward or unwieldy.
3. Dull or laborious.

“Don’t fall for the old fat trap. That ponderous old set of resolutions you make every year: I will lose weight. I will work out. I will eat less dessert. We both know you’ll be tucking into a double chocolate chip cookie before the day is over.”

“Freedom awaits the rest of the group as soon as the ponderous Russian paperwork is complete.”

3. quondam (KWON-duhm)

adjective: Former; onetime.

“One of the assumptions Madison and others labored under was that Britain would be too preoccupied with beating Napoleon to pay much attention to its quondam colonies.”

4. inimical (i-NIM-i-kuhl)

adjective: 1. Harmful. 2. Unfriendly.

“But the landers found no other signs of biological activity, nor any organic compounds. If anything, the soil seemed inimical to life.”

5. ignominy

noun: 1. Public disgrace. 2. Disgraceful quality or conduct.

“Nor is JAL likely to suffer the ignominy of an immediate slump in the share price, as Facebook did after its IPO, analysts say.”


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