Set 3 – Five New Words For Jan 3

1. bleb

noun: 1. A small blister or swelling. 2. A bubble.

“His worried face shone with moisture; rivulets of sweat slid down his jaw bone. A bleb hung from his chin.”

2. jilt

verb tr.: To end a relationship suddenly or callously.
noun: A person, especially a woman, who discards a lover.

“Even so, it is unlikely, analysts said, that China would jilt Khartoum for Juba [capital of South Sudan] — that would probably alarm other repressive and corrupt regimes, such as those in Angola and Equatorial Guinea, where China has forged highly profitable oil relationships.”

3. pi

1. A confused mixture, originally a jumble of printing types. Also spelled as pie.
2. The 16th letter of the Greek alphabet.
3. A mathematical constant (approximately 3.14159), representing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

“The Indiana soldier’s letter, however, ‘has completely `knocked into pi` all the arguments [they have] employed.'”

4. yare

adjective: 1. Easily maneuverable; nimble. 2. Ready; prepared.

“I do desire to learn, sir; and, I hope, if you have occasion to use me for your own turn, you shall find me yare.”

“She was a ‘bonnie lass’ in the words of her chief engineer; she was faithful, she was yare — an unlikely compliment for a vessel without sails.”

5. ruck

noun: 1. A large mass, especially of ordinary people or things. 2. A crease or wrinkle.
verb tr., intr.: To make a crease or to become creased.

“Any genuine pilgrim would have to fight his way past a ruck of tourists to get close to such an object.”

“She ran across the room and tripped on the rucked carpet under the bed.”


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