Set 61 – Five New Words For Dec 31

Theme – Words to describe people

1. lickspittle (LIK-spit-l)

noun: A servile flatterer.

“Murdoch is one of the greatest lickspittles in history, always prepared to kowtow to power whatever its shape or nature, in order to make more money for himself.”

2. tosspot (TOS-pot)

noun: 1. A drunkard. 2. An idiot.

“It’s like a cast of tosspots who don’t know their limit and then get into a car.”

3. milksop (MILK-sop)

noun: One who is timid or indecisive.

“This is for the milksop who does not want a mouse in the house but is too timid or pious to do anything about it.”

4. hayseed (HAY-seed)

noun: An unsophisticated person who comes from a rural area.

“A hayseed with a Midwestern twang, Carnegie arrived in New York in his 20s with the usual mix of big dreams and shallow pockets.”

5. gadabout (GAD-uh-bout)

noun: One who roams around in search of amusement.

“The film charted Zelda Kaplan’s transformation from homemaker to social gadabout flitting from party to party.”


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