Set 58- Five New Words For Dec 28

Theme- Words borrowed from German

1. wunderkind (VOON-duhr-kind, wun-)

1. A child prodigy.
2. A person who achieves great success early in the career.

“Miguel Angel Sano is the wunderkind, one of the best young players the Dominican Republic has ever produced.”

2. gemutlichkeit (guh-myoot-lish-KYT, -likh-, -MOOT-)

noun: Warm friendliness; comfortableness; coziness.

“The establishment’s gemutlichkeit is fueled by a low-key, funky decor and the friendliness of the staff.”

3. blitzkrieg (BLITS-kreeg)

noun: 1. An intense campaign, for example, an ad blitz. 2. A swift, sudden military attack, especially aerial bombardment.
verb tr.: To attack or destroy in a sudden campaign.

“It was a blitzkrieg of love, an admiration avalanche.”

“It’s an engineering blitzkrieg meant to awe the Chinese people and show off the nation’s new industrial might.”

4. kulturkampf (kool-TOOR-kahmpf)

noun: A cultural conflict, especially one religious in nature.

The original Kulturkampf took place in the 1880s between the German government and the Roman Catholic Church over control of education, laws related to marriage, etc.

“Rabbi Michael Melchior: ‘The settlers have succeeded in making [the withdrawal] a story of Judaism versus emptiness. They have turned it into a Kulturkampf.'”

5. kaffeeklatsch (KAH-fee-klach)

noun: An informal social gathering for coffee and conversation.

“I can always count on my monthly kaffeeklatsches with my fellow scribes to surface the news items that really matter.”


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