Set 56 – Five New Words For Dec 26

Theme – Illustrated words

1. bursiform (BUHR-suh-form)

adjective: Shaped like a pouch or a sac.

“Our results indicated that mononuclear cells … developed a bursiform shape.”

2. concinnity (kuhn-SIN-i-tee)

noun: A harmonious arrangement of various parts.

“There was a moment of inner peace in which belief and doubt merged into a strangely comforting concinnity.”

3. lachrymal or lacrimal (LAK-ruh-muhl)

adjective: Relating to or inducing tears.

“She wiped his tears with the edge of her garment, but that made him more lachrymal.”

4. wassail (WOS-uhl, wo-SAYL)


verb tr.:    To toast.

verb intr.:    To go from house to house singing carols at Christmas.

noun:    1. A toast to someone’s health.
2. A festivity with much drinking.
3. A drink for toasting, especially spiced ale.
4. The singing of Christmas carols going from house to house.

“Cows and oxen used to be wassailed too for the same reason, to bring luck and encourage good health in the coming year.”

5. phantasmagoria (fan-taz-muh-GOR-ee-uh)


1. A shifting scene made up of many elements.
2. A sequence of fantastic imagery, illusions, etc.

“We are increasingly immersed in a phantasmagoria of screens and streams and tunes.”


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