Set 55 – Five New Words For Dec 25

Theme – Words derived from numbers

1. septentrional (sep-TEN-tree-uh-nuhl)

adjective: Northern.

“Once the tourists have filtered back to their septentrional homes in Europe, the men of Spetsai [Greece] resume their norm of shooting birds.”

“The first entailed … traveling north at a snail’s pace through the septentrional regions of North Korea.”

2. decimate (DES-i-mayt)

verb tr.: To destroy a large part of something.

“The World T20 showed now they have the batting firepower to decimate their opponents.”

3. hebdomad (HEB-duh-mad)

1. A group of seven.
2. A period of seven days; a week.

“As a string quartet, the excellent Brooklyn Rider is all about the number four. But on their new album, Seven Steps, its members circle around the mysterious — and some might even say spiritual — power of the hebdomad.”

4. doyen (doi-EN, DOI-uhn)

noun: The senior member of a group, profession, etc.

“[The financial sector’s] doyens have gained powerful positions in government, although this may be down to the modern assumption that if people are rich they must be smart.”

5. dubious (DOO-bee-uhs, DYOO-)

1. Marked by doubt.
2. Of questionable character.

“A scandal over dubious transfers of millions of euros is creating turbulence for European defense giant EADS.”


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