Set 46 – Five New Words For Nov 16

Theme – Words coined after flowers

1. lotus-eater

noun: A person who indulges in idle daydreaming or leads a life of luxurious ease, instead of dealing with practical matters.

[From the lotus-eaters, people in Homer’s Odyssey, who ate the lotus fruit that supposedly induced a dreamy forgetfulness. ]

“James Hewitt finds himself in Devon with mum, sleeping in the spare bedroom … Life as a lotus-eater in sunny climes appears to be well and truly over.”

2. primrose path

1. An easy life, especially devoted to sensual pleasure.
2. A path of least resistance, especially one that ends in disaster.

“Meanwhile, Katich clung on; the primrose path is not for him. The road is strewn with rocks.”

3. lily-livered

adjective: Cowardly or timid.

“A story of twins — one bold and the other a lily-livered cop.”

4. sub rosa

adverb: Secretly, privately, or confidentially.

In Roman mythology, Venus’s son Cupid gave a rose to Harpocrates, the god of silence, to ensure his silence about Venus’s many indiscretions. Thus the flower became a symbol of secrecy. Ceilings of banquet halls were decorated with roses to indicate that what was said sub vino (under the influence of wine) was also sub rosa.

“‘Much of this goes on sub rosa and never comes to public view,’ said Wesley Wark.”

5. amaranthine

1. Unfading; everlasting.
2. Of deep purple-red color.
3. Of or related to the amaranth.

“Garda has retained its amaranthine appeal as one of the continent’s most timeless getaways.”

“The sky was now a deep dark amaranthine — the color of blood — and it was getting progressively harder to see through the gloom.”

[From amaranth (an imaginary, undying flower)]


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