Set 45 – Five New Words For Dec 15

Theme- Words that are names

1. josh

verb tr., intr.: To make fun of or tease in a good-natured way.
noun: A teasing or joking remark.

“Dave and I quietly caught up with each other, and reminisced. We joked and joshed.”

2. biddy (BID-ee)

1. A young chicken.
2. A woman, especially an elderly one, who is talkative, interfering, or annoying.
3. A cleaning woman.

“Les Dawson’s most lasting legacy is probably Cissie and Ada, the gossiping old biddies whose innuendo-laden sketches graced his television shows for many years.”

3. harry

verb tr., intr.:
1. To harass, attack, or annoy, especially repeatedly.
2. To raid or pillage.

“A campaign backed by the Polish government harries media outlets that carelessly say ‘Polish death camps’ (instead of ‘Nazi German death camps in occupied Poland’).”

4. mulligan

1. A second chance, especially in golf where a player is sometimes given another shot to make up for a poor shot which is not counted.
2. A stew made from odds and ends, using whatever is available.

“It’s the Do-Over Derby, in which the only candidates not asking for a mulligan are the ones demanding dozens of them.”

5. rube (roob)

noun: An unsophisticated person from a rural area.

“Is he simply some rube, an easy target for fast-talking telephone magazine salespeople?”


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