Set 39 – Five New Words For Dec 9

Theme – Words to describe people

1. impetuous  (im-PECH-oo-uhs)

adjective: Marked by impulsiveness or impatience.

“Fools rush in … Taylor Swift often acts, well, like an impetuous teen straight out of one of her songs.”

2. uxorious (uk-SOHR-ee-uhs)

adjective: Excessively devoted or submissive toward one’s wife.

“Mostly, though, Harold Pinter is uxorious — showering his wife with flowers, poems, jewellery, and impeccably chosen books. It is rare to read of a modern marriage maturing into such singular devotion.”

3. implacable (im-PLAK-uh-buhl, -PLAY-kuh-)

adjective: Impossible to pacify or appease.

“Big issues that pit a single, powerless individual against a vast, implacable adversary have inspired some of his most memorable novels.”

4. cantankerous (kan-TANG-kuhr-uhs)

adjective: Difficult to deal with: ill-tempered, quarrelsome.

“Justin Wolff makes clear that Thomas Hart Benton had a difficult if not volcanic personality. Among the adjectives he uses to describe him are surly, belligerent, arrogant, pugnacious, combative, gruff, inflexible, cantankerous, argumentative, churlish, cruel, and blunt.”

5. impudent (IM-pyuh-duhnt)

adjective: Marked by offensive boldness.

“The tie has matching socks and braces … It seems imprudent (and possibly impudent) to ask if his boxers match, as well.”


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