Set 38- Five New Words for Dec 8

Theme – Words with initial silent letters

1.  pteridology (ter-i-DOL-uh-jee)

noun: The study of ferns.

“From being novices in the world of pteridology five years ago, Kath and Wallace now preside over one of the finest collections of ferns in the country.”

2. knacker (NAK-uhr)


noun:    1. A person who buys old, sick, or worn-out animals for slaughter.
2. A person who buys old buildings, ships, etc. to break them up for scrap.

verb tr.:     To tire out.

“Eddie McIlwaine had it spot-on in Monday’s paper: ‘If the fates had been kinder and she had never met the iceberg … she would now be just a dot in H&W history after being broken up in the knacker’s yard.'”

3. gnathic

adjective: Of or relating to the jaw.

“For the first time in his life Judah sees the strangeness of the khepri, hears the scissor-sounds their gnathic movements make.”

4. wraith

1. A ghost.
2. An apparition of a person supposed to appear just before that person’s death.
3. An insubstantial copy of something: shadow.

“BlackBerry maker RIM, now a shadow of its former self and haunting the tech market like a wraith, took yet another hit.”

5. chthonic (THON-ik)

adjective: Of or relating to the underworld.

“The earth’s crust is riddled with unresolved tensions — prod, pierce, or bend it enough and these chthonic stresses will find sudden release.”


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