Set 36 – Five New Words for Dec 6

Theme – Words made with combining forms

1. logophile

noun: One who loves words.

“I treasure my printed OED — as a memento of my logophile grandfather.”

2. homologous

1. Exhibiting a degree of correspondence or similarity.
2. Corresponding in structure and evolutionary origin, but not necessarily in function.
For example, human arm, dog foreleg, bird wing, and whale flipper are homologous.

“Hobbes argues that the family constitutes a structure homologous to the state.”

“The Guide seemed to make a sign by certain motions of his robe which may or may not have involved the lifting of an arm or some homologous member.”

3. hagiarchy

noun: A government by holy persons. Also a place thus governed.

“Brazil’s drug lords are altar boys compared with the Mexican and Colombian hagiarchy.”

4. archetype

1. The original pattern or model of something; prototype.
2. An ideal or typical example of something.

“Madonna has been the icon and archetype to the current crop of pop princesses.”

5. dactylography

noun: The study of fingerprints as a means of identification.

“Michael Danforth has testified making the case for the use of dactylography not anthropometry, as the primary means for England to keep track of its criminals.”


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