Set 53 – Five New Words For Nov23

Theme – Together these words use all letters of the alphabet except the letter L.

1. wakerife(WAYK-ryf)

adjective: Wakeful; alert.

“If you’re still wakerife let me suggest another, possibly chastening, exercise in memory.”

“As for me, I’m wakerife and morne, but hope springs eternal. I don’t know how she does it, what with those leg irons on, but spring she does.”

2. quadrennium (kwa-DREN-ee-uhm)

noun: A period of four years.

“Maybe it’s because I’m an Olympic dad, but my wife and I had a baby each quadrennium.”

3. subjugate

verb tr.: To bring under control or to make submissive.

“Even more families lost control of their land, as the Indonesian army divided and relocated communities in its attempt to subjugate the population.”

4. xerophyte (ZEER-uh-fyt)

noun: A plant adapted to growing in a very dry or desert environment.

“Saavik’s bemused comment when Captain Howe, her former first officer, had sent her a ‘get well cactus’ was that on Vulcan it was a superfluous xerophyte.”

5. conversazione (kon-vuhr-saht-see-O-nee, kahn-, -nay)

noun: A formal gathering for conversation, especially on arts, literature, etc.

“We must invite them to our conversazione.”


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