Set 51 – Five New Words For Dec 21

Theme -“New” words

1. numismatics (noo-miz-MAT-iks, -mis-, nyoo-)

noun: The study or collection of currency: coins, notes, and sometimes similar objects, such as medals.

“Ron Paul was the middle of five boys and the only one to become fascinated with numismatics. He knew that certain pennies were worth more than their face value because few of them had been minted.”

2. nudiustertian (noo-dee-uhs-TUR-shuhn, nyoo-)

adjective: Of or relating to the day before yesterday.

“I’d ordered the key on-line for £48 that nudiustertian morning and was not expecting it to arrive until the following week.”

3. nouveau pauvre (NOO-voh POH-vruh)

adjective: Recently impoverished.
noun: One who is newly impoverished.

“[Hope’s] nouveau pauvre mother, Evangeline, has betrothed her daughter to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh in a bid to restore the family fortunes.”

4. pneumonic (noo-MON-ik, nyoo-)

1. Of or relating to the lungs.
2. Relating to or affected by pneumonia.

“It seems your husband has been walking about with a pneumonic condition that has put a strain on his heart.”

5. nugacity (noo-GAS-i-tee, nyoo-)

noun: Triviality; futility.

“For many, the Beachcomber column has been an oasis of nugacity in an otherwise worthy landscape.”


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