Set 50 – Five New WOrds For Dec 20

Theme – Verbs

1. descant (verb: des-KANT, dis-, noun: DES-kant)


verb intr.: 1. To talk tediously. 2. To sing or play a descant.
noun: 1. A comment on a subject. 2. An ornamental melody sung or played above a basic melody.

“These disappointments were descanted on, bitterly and frequently.”

2. hebetate (HEB-i-tayt)

verb tr.: To make dull or obtuse.

“Habit then while it hebetates our sentiments, improves our judgments of things.”

[obtuse – adj -annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand]

3. blandish

verb intr.: To coax with flattery.

“In his first speech in the Parliament, Mussolini insulted and blandished the legislature by turns.”

4. importune (im-pawr-TOON, im-pawr-TYOON, im-PAWR-chuhn)

verb tr.: To ask someone, repeatedly or annoyingly, to do something.

“José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Spain’s prime minister, has cast dignity aside and importuned all and sundry with a request to be invited to a conference.”

5. colligate (KOL-i-gayt)

verb tr. To bind or group together.

“Chizz made a quick overview of the situation, attempting to colligate the loose ends of a somewhat fragmented movie.”

[kindred – noun – one’s family and relations.]


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