Set 35 – Five New Words For Dec 5

Theme: There’s A Word For It

1. gelasin (JEL-uh-sin)

noun: A dimple in the cheek that appears when someone smiles.

“Gelasin is this pretty little dimple of which Martial says:
His is the face less gracious
Who has not the gelasin joyous.”

2. sprezzatura (spret-sah-TOOR-uh)

noun: Doing (or giving the appearance of doing) something effortlessly; effortless grace; nonchalance.

“Norris is a man always in equipoise, a living illustration of the art of sprezzatura. No one has ever seen him ruffled.”

3. polylemma (pol-ee-LEM-uh)

noun: A choice involving multiple undesirable options.

“Today’s ‘medical consumers’ are confronted not by a mere dilemma but by a polylemma: a vast number of possibilities, each with advantages and assurances, disadvantages, and dangers.”

4. schadenfreude (SHAAD-n-froi-duh)

noun: Pleasure derived from another’s misfortune.

“Right after the election was called for President Obama, I did something I rarely do: I tuned in to Fox News. Nothing is tastier than schadenfreude and I wanted to see ‘Team 53 Percent’ unravel as it tried to spin Mitt Romney’s defeat.”

5. palimpsest (PAL-imp-sest)

1. A writing surface such as a parchment that has been reused after partially or completely erasing the original text.
2. Something reused but still showing traces of its earlier form.

“All history was a palimpsest, scraped clean and re-inscribed exactly as often as was necessary.”
George Orwell; Nineteen Eighty-Four; 1949.

“Her memories, too, are a palimpsest of the real and the staged; their courting scenes in a play.”


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