Set 34 – Five New Words For Dec 4

Theme: Terms with connections to the number 19

1. nineteenth hole (NYN-TEENTH hol)

noun: The clubhouse or another place, such as a bar or a restaurant, where golfers gather after playing a round.

“The leaders will head to the practice tee to continue perfecting their game, while most golfers head directly to the nineteenth hole for a drink and a bite to eat.”

2. suffragist (SUHF-ruh-jist)

noun: An advocate of extending the right to vote, especially to women.

While we have come a long way in treating people equally regarding the right to vote, there are still places where a woman is not considered fit to vote or to run for an office, for example Saudi Arabia and the Vatican.

“Women had not won the right to vote; one suffragist slapped Song Jiaoren in the face for not taking up their cause.”

3. bromide

1. A tired or meaningless remark.
2. A tiresome or boring person.

“His daddy occasionally pops back in to dispense nonsensical bits of advice — ‘If you’re not first, you’re last’ — a bromide that the young Ricky Bobby adopts as his motto.”

4. tinnient (TIN-ee-uhnt)

adjective: Ringing or tinkling.

“Designer-costumer Michael Annals’s exotic, colorful (and, at one point, tinnient) costumes for the Peruvians contrast effectively with the Spaniards’ blacks and grays.”

5. extraterritoriality (ek-struh-ter-i-tor-ee-AL-i-tee)

1. Exemption from the jurisdiction of local law, for example, as for diplomats.
2. The applicability of a state’s laws outside its territory.

“Henry McMaster also said he plans to argue that the extraterritoriality principle bars one state from passing laws that would affect people in other states.”

“Extraterritoriality was the end goal of every colonizing power. With it, the colonizers could control the laws within the bounds of their jurisdictions.”


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