Set 33 – Five New Words for Dec 3

Theme: Contranyms or words with an opposite set of meanings

1. secrete (si-KREET)

verb tr.:
1. To discharge or release.
2. To conceal; to keep secret.


“Snails and slugs move along on a body part called a foot. This foot constantly secretes mucus that allows them to slowly glide along.”

“The bag has a communications device secreted in the lining.”

2. peruse (puh-ROOZ)

verb tr.:
1. To read or examine with great care.
2. To read or examine in a casual manner

“The paper … is now being perused by a committee, where it could be stuck for weeks or months.”

“Writers can peruse Sitka’s online catalog and enroll in courses.”

3. second-guess

verb tr.:
1. To criticize an event with the benefit of hindsight (=understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed).
2. To guess or predict.

“Some managers become cross when they’re second-guessed, but Bruce Bochy wasn’t afraid to question himself after the team’s loss.”

“Trying to second-guess the Arsenal team that will play against Liverpool is no simple task.”

4. discursive (dis-KUHR-siv)

1. Jumping from topic to topic; rambling.
2. Proceeding logically, using reason or argument rather than emotion.


“The book is discursive, gently meandering down the River Thames.”

“Obama’s penchant for discursive explanations has bothered no constituency more than his base, whose members see in his sometimes professorial tone a lack of passion for the cause at hand.”

5. impregnable

1. Incapable of being taken by force; strong enough to withstand attack.
2. Capable of being impregnated.

“Mr Netanyahu, who seemed electorally impregnable, may suddenly look vulnerable.”

“She lived in daily dread of pregnancy. She was sure she broke all records as the world’s most easily impregnable female.”


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