30 Day Project: Vol. 1 No. 2

Having (somewhat) successfully completed the 30 Day Project of studying 5 New Words  per day, I am switching over to a new Project. The new project is not really new, in the sense, it was part of my larger plan of a grander 30 day project, which alas failed miserably. Mid-way into that poorly thought-out 30 day project, I decided to just do one thing at a time.Hence I had put on hold all the other ideas. Now that November is over, rather gracefully, I take up a new challenge.

To call it a challenge is making it sound unnecessarily tough. Because the new 30 Day project,  as you would have guessed is One TED Video a day. I hope to come across some really coll videos with the help of Chris Bailey’s following links.

I have already watched a few of them and even made notes and blogged them here. I am going to watch 26 more of them and complete my 30 Day TED Talk Project.

The second 30 Day Project (yes I am getting bolder, look at me!) is to read one Malayalam article per day. I will be making use of

And about the words, I will learning only A Word  A Day – Wordsmith

Wish me luck.


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