Set 28 – Five New Words for Nov 28

Theme: Onomatopoeic words

(onomatopoeia = our interpretation of the sound in the form of a word)

1. bombilate (BOM-bi-layt)

verb intr.: To make a humming or buzzing noise.

“The entire building was bombilating like a cicada.”

2. fanfaron (FAN-fuh-ron)

noun: A boaster or a braggart.

“I yelled in his ear congratulations for not spending his egg money on fancy clothes and strutting about like a fanfaron.”

“Well made and thought-provoking the program may be, but it’s unlikely to drag viewers away from the exotic fanfaron that is Celine Dion’s head.”

3. cachinnate (KAK-i-nayt)

verb intr.: To laugh very loudly or immoderately.

“‘Butler’ is so deliciously zany and funny, we cachinnated until our sides hurt.”

4. fillip (FIL-ip)


1. A stimulus.
2. A snap made by pressing a fingertip against the thumb and suddenly releasing it.

verb tr.:

1. To stimulate or to incite to action.
2. To make a snap by a fingertip against the thumb.

“Intel splashed out $884 million … to give its efforts in the embedded-chip market a fillip.”

5. brouhaha (BROO-ha-ha, broo-ha-HA, broo-HA-ha)

noun: Noise, confusion, and excitement, especially over something insignificant.

“The brouhaha threatened to create a political firestorm in Ottawa.”


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