Set 25 – Five New Words for Nov 25

Theme : Verbs

1.  ensconce (en-SKONS)

verb tr.:
1. To settle firmly and comfortably.
2. To hide securely.

“Vladimir Putin is once more ensconced behind the Kremlin’s walls.”

2. equivocate (i-KWIV-uh-kayt)

verb intr.: To be vague or ambiguous, especially in order to mislead.

“The bishop equivocates and wrings his fat hands and procrastinates.”

3. petrify (PE-tri-fy)

verb tr.:
1. To turn into stone.
2. To harden or deaden.
3. To stun or paralyze with fear.

verb intr.:
To become stony or callous (= showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.).

4. impute (im-PYOOT)

verb tr.: To attribute, ascribe, or credit, often unfairly.

“‘There’s a tendency to impute much greater skill on the part of somebody like Jamie Dimon, who is very smooth,’ Bill Miller says.”

5. exscind (ek-SIND)

verb tr.: To cut out or off.

“The knife skipped off the stone and almost exscinded Shih Te’s index finger.”


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