Set 24 – Five New Words For Nov 24

Theme: Words coined after mountains

1. vesuvian (vi-SOO-vee-uhn)

adjective: Marked by sudden explosive outbursts.

“It erupted without warning from a young man … his Vesuvian sneeze rocked the room.”

2. parnassian (pahr-NAS-ee-uhn)
adjective: Of or relating to poetry.

After Mount Parnassus, a mountain in Greece, considered sacred to Apollo, the Greek god of music and poetry, and the Muses.

“Whether scaling to Parnassian heights or plunging inward to insight, the poems’ impeccable musicality and craftsmanship will win the trust and admiration of many.”

3. chevy (CHEV-ee)

verb tr.: To chase or annoy.
noun: A chase, hunt, or a hunting cry.

After Cheviot Hills bordering England and Scotland. A battle between English and Scottish forces over a hunting expedition is described in a 15th-century ballad

“[Boys] chevied the younger boys to greater speed as they stumbled down the stairs.”

4. chartreuse (shahr-TROOZ, -TROOS)

noun: 1. A light, yellowish green. 2. An aromatic, usually yellow or green liqueur, originally made by Carthusian monks in Grenoble, France.
adjective: Having a light, yellowish green color

“The tree crowns were packed together like puffballs and shimmered with every hue, tint, and shade of green: chartreuse, emerald, lime, aquamarine, teal, bottle, olive, jade.”

“I must have been 7 or 8, squatting on the summer-hot pavement with my sister, scrawling disappearing messages on the concrete with snapped leaves of an ice plant, when it occurred to me that people could agree on the name of a thing, in this case, a color — the green of the translucent fluid that oozed from the leaf, which we determined was chartreuse — while seeing it very differently. I understood that when my sister agreed on the name chartreuse, she might, in fact, be seeing what I call red or yellow or blue. I began to see language less as a bridge between people than as a threadbare rope tossed from one edge of a precipice to open hands at another.”

5. Himalayan

1. Enormously large.
2. Relating to the Himalayas.

“As Otago lurches towards its worst season in living memory, it is becoming plain to see the Himalayan task these coaches are facing.”


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