Set 18 – Five New Words for Nov 18

Theme: Words to describe people

1. mumpsimus (MUMP-suh-muhs)

1. A view stubbornly held in spite of clear evidence that it’s wrong.
2. A person who holds such a view.

“She knows the boss’s behavior is wrong but mumpsimus has set in.”

“Do not be a mumpsimus about networking. … Resist the popular notion that networking is all fake sincerity and pushy behavior.”

2. fustilarian (fuhs-tuh-LAR-ee-uhn)

noun: A fat and slovenly person.

“I’ve no fancy to be guzzled up by a wolf or spitted on the tusks of one of the fustilarian wild boars.”

3. hobbledehoy (HOB-uhl-dee-hoy)

noun: An awkward young fellow.

“Burleigh’s breathless accounts of the many figures of the British peerage in the story read as though written by some overawed hobbledehoy, someone who fingers the noblemen’s lamé draperies in envious amazement and wonders how much they would go for at Wal-Mart.”

4. makebate (MAYK-bayt)

noun: One who incites quarrels.

“‘You leave my ma out of this, you makebate! She always said you’d end on the gallows, and she was right.'”

5. bellygod (BEL-ee god)

noun: One who takes great pleasure in eating; a glutton.

“The figure of Hercules [rebuked] Comus the belly-god for his ‘drunken orgies’ and addiction to swinish pleasure.”


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