Set 17- Five New Words for Nov 17

Words from poker

1. poker-faced (PO-kuhr fayst)

adjective: Having an expressionless face, giving no hints of one’s thoughts and feelings.

“Sonam Kapoor appears poker-faced in a few scenes when she is supposed to look romantic.”

2. four-flush (FOHR-flush)

verb intr.: To bluff or act in a fraudulent manner.

“When you cheat in car racing, it’s supposed to be inventive. This was just cheap, lousy, four-flushing chicanery.”

“Bruce Olds pushes his readers so far and so forcibly away from his subject that they come away feeling abused, or at least four-flushed.”

3. penny-ante  (PEN-ee AN-tee)


adjective: Trivial.
noun: A transaction involving very small sums.

“By Bernie Madoff standards, Conrad Black’s crimes are not just on the small side. They’re penny-ante.”

4. standpat (STAND-pat)


adjective: Refusing to consider change in one’s beliefs and opinions, especially in politics.

noun: One who refuses to consider change.

“This activism, rather than Mr Harper’s standpat response, resonates with the average Canadian, says Nik Nanos, a pollster.”

5. blue chip (BLOO chip)

adjective: Having high value and reliability.
noun: A reliable and highly valuable asset, such as a stock, a company, etc.

“Mr Shibulal is not the first boss to have to lead a blue-chip company to a less glamorous, lower-margin future.”


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