Set 15 – Five New Words for Nov 15

Theme: Yours to Find out

1. olid (O-lid)

adjective: Foul-smelling.

“Ducks’ blood smells no less olid than pig’s blood.”

2. sook (rhymes with book)

noun: A timid or coward person; a crybaby.

“I usually put on a brave face. I didn’t want anyone to think I was a sook.”

3. zymic (ZAI-mik)

adjective: Relating to fermentation.

“The figs squelched and split apart, emitting a zymic gas that made her mouth and nose curl back.”

4. meed

noun: Reward; recompense; wage.

“And speaking of seats, the folding chairs were hideously uncomfortable — something like that fabled throne in Hades, which demanded a meed of blood and bone if you tried to leave it.”

5. pica (PY-kuh)


1. A tendency or craving for eating substances other than normal food (such as clay, chalk, and dirt), common during childhood or pregnancy.

2. In printing, a unit of type size, equal to about 1/6 of an inch.

3. A type size for typewriters, having ten characters to the inch.

“‘Raw potatoes. Mom ate them unwashed with the dirt still on the skin. She’d send them back if Dad rinsed them.’
‘That’s sick! Didn’t she take prenatal vitamins?’
‘Yes, but she still had potato pica.'”


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