Set 12 – Five New Words for Nov 12

Theme: There’s a word for it

1.  snowbroth (SNO-broth)

noun: Melted snow.

“Snowballs and snowmen and snowbroth boiled on our tinny fires on the beach.”

2. anatopism (uh-NAT-uh-piz-ehm)

noun: The error of placing something out of its proper place; also something placed erroneously.


“The Bard is often accused of anatopism — that is, getting his geography wrong. Why else would he, in The Taming of the Shrew, put a sailmaker in Bergamo, a landlocked city in Italy, ask critics?”

“Homer may have taken some slight and temporary liberty with the facts, but it does not amount to the major anatopism that some commentators have found in it and should not be taken as evidence that Homer did not have firsthand knowledge of the area.”

3. quaternary (KWOT-uhr-ner-ee, kwuh-TUHR-nuh-ree)


1. Of the fourth order.
2. Consisting of or arranged in fours.

1. A group of four.
2. The number four.

4. elflock (ELF-lok)

noun: A tangled lock of hair.

“Rowling’s stories hurtle along like an out-of-control broomstick; her plots are as tangled as elflocks.”

5. allochthonous (uh-LOK-thuh-nuhs)

adjective: Originating in a region other than where it is found.


“Like many other countries with a colonial legacy, Rwanda’s constitutions before 1994 were rather allochthonous. The existing constitutions were based on foreign models which never took into account the peculiarities of the Rwandan nation.”

“Fish populations have been deeply altered, allochthonous fish species accounting for the 42% of the total fish species in the Ebro.”


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