Set 8 – Five New Words for Nov 8

Theme : What to call people at work1. factotum (fak-TOH-tuhm)

noun: A servant or a low-level employee tasked with many things.

“Now, a reporter trying to interview a business source is confronted by a phalanx of factotums.”

2. interlocutor (in-tuhr-LOK-yuh-tuhr, -yoo-)

noun: One who takes part in a conversation or dialogue, especially as a representative of an organization.

“During the meeting, the two interlocutors spoke about the existing relations between the two countries.”
Ambassador Meets With Chief Executive of Macau; Angola Press Agency (Luanda); Oct 30, 2007.

3. confrere (KON-frayr)

noun: Colleague; a fellow member of a profession, fraternity, etc.

“Dr. Madan Kataria developed a catalog of comical expressions and sounds that he and his confreres used to stimulate and simulate laughter.”

4. protege (PRO-tuh-zhay, pro-tuh-ZHAY)

noun: One who is protected, guided, and supported by somebody older and more experienced.

“‘I’m proud of him,’ Big Tigger says of his protege.”

5. fugleman (FYOO-guhl-muhn)

noun: One who leads a group, company, or party.

“H.L. Mencken was trying single-handedly to drag American culture out of Puritanism and into the twentieth century, to act as fugleman on this side of the Atlantic for a literary and artistic renaissance comparable to the one then taking place on the other side.”Fugleman


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