Set 5 – Five New Words For Nov 7

1. petard (pe-TAHRD, pi-)

1. A small bomb used to blast down a gate or wall.
2. A loud firecracker.

Phrase : “to be hoist by one’s own petard” = “to have one’s scheme backfire”

“Her attempt to rub salt in the wound had backfired. She had been well and truly hoist by her own petard.”

2. druthers (DRUTH-uhrz)

noun: One’s own way; preference.

The word is mostly used in the form “If I had my druthers …” i.e. “If I had my way, I’d rather …”

“Brazil is aware of its own significance in world affairs, and is charting an appropriately constructive and quite independent course … despite Washington’s druthers.”

3.  dudgeon (DUHJ-uhn)

noun: A feeling of anger, resentment, indignation, etc.

This word is often used in the term “in high dudgeon” as in “He went off in high dudgeon” meaning “He left in great anger and indignation.”

“Nancy Pearl: In high dudgeon, one of my fellow committee members loudly announced that I would burn in hell forever for my actions!”

“Phil Porble had every right to express his dudgeon at being yanked from his august position.”

4. caboodle (kuh-BOOD-uhl)

noun: The lot, collection, or crowd.
The word is mostly seen in the expression “kit and caboodle” meaning “the whole lot”.

New York City teems with questionable urban legends. But the fable about the postal clerk and his wife, a Brooklyn librarian, scrimping to amass an astounding collection of modern art, cramming all 5,000 pieces in a rent-controlled one-bedroom apartment, then donating the whole kit and caboodle to the National Gallery of Art in Washington and galleries in all 50 states, is true.

5. shrift (shrift)

noun: Confession to a priest. Also, penance and absolution that follow confession.

The term nowadays is mostly seen in the form “to get short shrift” meaning to receive little consideration or a curt treatment. Originally, short shrift was what condemned criminals received: brief time granted to them for confession and absolution before execution.

“Their schools focus on religious learning: even basic subjects such as maths and English get short shrift.”

“Downey’s midcareer comeback is also given fair shrift in this absorbing account of one man’s amazing triumph over his voracious demons.”


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