TED Talk 2 – Why 30s are NOT the new 20s by Meg Jay

  • 30s are not the new 20s though people settle late. 20s are not a developmental down time, but it makes it a developmental sweet spot.
  • Claiming your 20s might be the simplest yet most transformative for work, love happiness and may be even for the world.
  • 80% of life’s most defining moments happen by the age 35, i.e. 8 out of 10 decisions, experiences,AHA- moments that make your life what it is will happen by 30.
    • 1st 10 years of your career  has an exponential  impact  on how much money you earn
    • You know your life partners.
    • 20s is the time when maximum change in personality happens.
    • The brain caps off its second and last growth spurt in your 20s as it rewires itself for adulthood.
      • Which means whatever you want to change, now is the time to change it.
    • 20s  is the time to educate about your options.
  • Similar to child development, there is something called Adult Development which happens during our 20s.
  • 20s is *the* defining decade in our life.
  • When a lot of goals has been pushed into the 30s there is lot of pressure to jump-start a career, pick a city, select a life partner,and these tasks are incompatible and harder and stressful to do all a t once in the 30s.
  • When we realise later on, that we can’t have that career we wanted  we find our-selves in a mid-life crisis.
  •  Too many 30-somethings and 40-somethings look at themselves and say about their 20s, ‘What was I doing? What was I thinking?’
  •  So what can 20-somethings do? They can own their adulthood.
  • They can invest in identity capital—courses, skills, friends—that add value toward who they might want to be.
  • They can work on building a wide social network, instead of a tightknit one that doesn’t allow for outside opportunities.
  • Identity capital begets identity capital.
  • The 20s self-exploration is not exploration, it is actually procrastination.
  •  Twenty-somethings are like airplanes, just taking off from Chennai heading for somewhere east. A slight change in course on takeoff is the difference between landing in Andaman Islands or Australia. Likewise one good conversation, one good break or even a Ted Talk will have an enormous change.

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