Set 2 – Five New Words for Nov 2

1. tumid  MEANING: adjective: 1. Swollen.  2. Bulging. 3. Pompous, bombastic.


“Her tumid eyes filled with tears and she began to cry.”

“Think of all the suits in marketing, communications, and public relations who clog up the institutional arteries with their tumid prose and clichéd sound bites.”

2. primogeniture (pry-muh-JEN-i-chuhr, pree-, -choor)

1. The state of being the firstborn or eldest child in a family.
2. The right of succession and inheritance belonging to the firstborn child.


“Primogeniture! I remembered that, from History 1A. But to hear of this law in reality, in this century, struck me. How could they give all this to one child, leaving the other three without?”

3. recidivism (ri-SID-uh-viz-ehm)

MEANING: noun: Relapsing (into smoking, crime, etc.), especially repeatedly.


“‘A person is counted in the recidivism rate if he or she reoffends within two years after being discharged’, Ms Panapasa said.”
Ioane Burese; Recidivism Rate Drops; The Fiji Times (Suva); Oct 29, 2011.

4. mien (meen)

noun: Appearance, bearing, or demeanor.


“Everyone Nanako Coates greets walks away smiling. But beyond that exuberant, youthful mien is a seasoned veteran with years of professional experience in the restaurant business.”

5. autochthonous

1. Aboriginal; indigenous.
2. Formed or originating in the place where found.

“As if this were a holy place, a shrine where the autochthonous tribes had gathered to worship.”


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